Theme Leaders - Molecule I:

Prof. Anita Maguire
University College Cork

Prof. Patrick Guiry
University College Dublin 

Molecule I platform projects:

Project IA: Biocatalytic Approaches to Asymmetric Synthesis. Project IB: Organocatalytic Approaches to Asymmetric Synthesis. Project IC: Transition Metal-Catalysed Approaches to Asymmetric Synthesis. Project 1D: Green and Flow Approaches for Synthesis.

Overall Objective:

To develop new methodologies for the asymmetric synthesis of existing APIs and future drug candidates with particular focus on the discovery and application of enzymes, small molecule organocatalysts and organometallic complexes for industrially-relevant, synthetic transformations.

Key Scientific Expertise:

The team consists of internationally recognised researchers with expertise in the following areas of critical interest to the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland: biocatalysis (enzymology, genomics and metagenomics, synthetic biology, flow reactors); organocatalysis (thiourea-based catalysts, synthetic methodology development, anion abstraction, flow chemistry); transition metal catalysis (chiral ligands, mechanisms in asymmetric catalysis, C-H activation) and green/flow approaches to synthetic organic chemistry (total synthesis of natural products), all underpinned by predictive modelling/computational chemistry and applications in asymmetric synthesis/API synthesis.

Industrial Significance:

Selecting Route

Selecting the optimal synthetic route for API Manufacture;

Green Pharma

Making pharma greener; continuous manufacturing;

Advanced Procedures

Advanced manufacturing, asymmetrically synthesising complex molecules with more chiral centres

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