Research - Overview

The SSPC-PharM5 research programme covers the full scope of pharmaceutical R&D with the exception of the discovery of new chemical entities. The programme consists of five research themes Molecules, Materials, Medicines, Manufacturing & Modelling with leading experts.

Predictive Asymmetric Synthesis

Molecule I

To develop new methodologies for the asymmetric synthesis of existing APIs and future drug candidates with particular focus on the discovery and application of enzymes, small molecule organocatalysts and organometallic complexes for industrially-relevant, synthetic transformations.

Designer Drug Hybrid Medicines

Molecule II

To develop molecules and methods for automated and in flow generation of targeted drug hybrids: drug -antibody, -peptide, -oligonucleotide and - glycoside conjugates; tailored control release formulations; sensing, assessment and imaging methods for screening drug delivery. Formulation of novel hybrid drugs opens up novel and unforeseen challenges that will be investigated and mastered.

Crystalline Drug Substances for Improved Medicines

Molecule III

To advance our understanding of single-component crystalline materials (SCCMs) & especially, multi-component crystalline materials (MCCMs) in order to enable improved orally delivered drug products

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