Research - Overview

The SSPC-PharM5 research programme covers the full scope of pharmaceutical R&D with the exception of the discovery of new chemical entities. The programme consists of five research themes Molecules, Materials, Medicines, Manufacturing & Modelling with leading experts.

These themes focus on developing new methodologies for the asymmetric synthesis of APIs, molecules & methods for automated & in-flow generation of targeted drug hybrids & new therapeutic agents.

Advancing the understanding of single-component crystalline materials (SCCMs) and, especially, multi-component crystalline materials (MCCMs) in order to enable improved orally delivered drug products.

Optimising the development, production & use of safe, effective medicines with focus on poorly soluble drugs, personalized, age appropriate medicines & rational formulation approaches with predictive performance.

Enabling a disruptive change in manufacture of drug substances & drug products, through the development & implementation of continuous manufacturing, flow chemistry & end-to-end manufacturing methodologies.

This theme will develop new techniques to design and predict behaviour in silico in order to reduce trial-and-error experimentation. Developing new transformative physical models for broad uptake in drug manufacture.

Theme Leaders - Molecule 1:

Prof. Anita Maguire
University College Cork


Prof. Patrick Guiry
University College Dublin

Funded Investigators:

Prof. Alan Dobson, University College Cork

Prof. Fergal O’Gara, University College Cork

Dr Marina Rubini, University College Dublin

Prof. Edmond Magner, University of Limerick

Prof. Stephen Connon, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Eoghan McGarrigle, University College Dublin

Dr Gerard McGlacken, University College Cork

Dr Paul Evans, University College Dublin

Prof. Declan Gilheany, University College Dublin

Dr Andrew Phillips, University College Dublin

Prof. Paul Murphy, NUI Galway

Dr Peter Byrne, University College Cork

Dr Stuart Collins, University College Cork

Prof. Eoin Scanlan, Trinity College Dublin

Prof. Joanna McGouran, Trinity College Dublin

Theme Leaders - Molecule 2:

Prof. Donal O’Shea
Royal College of Surgeons 

Prof. Thorri Gunnlaugsson
Royal College of Surgeons 

Funded Investigators:

Prof. Wolfgang Schmitt, Trinity College Dublin

Prof. Marc Devocelle, Royal College of Surgeons 

Dr Darren Griffith, Royal College of Surgeons 

Dr Robert Elmes, Maynooth University

Assoc. Prof. Susan Quinn, University College Dublin

Dr Andrew Kellett, Dublin City University

Dr. Xiangming Zhu, University College Dublin

Theme Leaders - Molecule 3:

Prof. Martin Clynes
Dublin City University

Funded Investigators:

Prof. Donal O’Gorman, Dublin City University

Prof. Kevin Kavanagh, Maynooth University

Dr. Finbarr O’Sullivan, Dublin City University

Theme Leaders:

Prof. Michael Zaworotko
University of Limerick
Dr Sarah Hudson    University of Limerick

Funded Investigators:

Dr Simon Lawrence, University College Cork

Dr Andrea Erxleben, NUI Galway

Dr Constantina Papatriantafyllopoulou, NUI Galway

Dr Humphrey Moynihan, University College Cork

Prof. Kevin M. Ryan, University of Limerick

Prof. Mark Davies, University of Limerick

Dr Patrick Frawley , University of Limerick

Theme Leaders:

Prof. Anne Marie Healy
Trinity College Dublin
Dr Abina Crean
University College Cork

Funded Investigators:

Asst. Prof. Deirdre D’Arcy, Trinity College Dublin

Dr Brendan Griffin, University College Cork

Dr Peter McLoughlin, Waterford IT

Prof. Caitriona O’Driscoll, University College Cork

Dr Joseph O’Mahony, Waterford IT

Dr Niall O’Reilly, Waterford IT

Dr Tim Persoons, Trinity College Dublin

Asst. Prof. Eduardo Ruiz-Hernandez, Trinity College Dublin

Assoc. Prof. Lidia Tajber, Trinity College Dublin

Theme Leaders:

Prof. Gavin Walker
University of Limerick

Dr Steven Ferguson
University College Dublin

Funded Investigators:

Asst. Prof. Philip Donnellan, University College Dublin

Dr Ioscani Jimenez del Val, University College Dublin

Dr Emmet O’Reilly, University of Limerick

Prof. Peter Crowley, NUI Galway

Dr Jakki Cooney, University of Limerick

Dr Jennifer McManus, University of Maynooth

Dr Luis Padrela, University of Limerick

Theme Leaders:

Prof. Harry Van Den Akker
University of Limerick


Assoc Prof. Damien Thompson
University of Limerick

Funded Investigators:

Asst Prof. Anthony Reilly, Dublin City University

Dr Davide Tiana, University College Cork

Prof. Stephen O’Brien, MACSI, University of Limerick

Dr Sarah Mitchell, MACSI, University of Limerick

Prof. Andrew Fowler, University of Limerick

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